Dakar mayor's detention raises political tension

The detention of Barthélemy Diaz, the mayor of Sicap Baobab Mermoz a district of Dakar has triggered a serious political tension in Senegal. Police and youth wing of various opposition parties clash in a City Hall in the Senegalese capital Dakar over protracted detention of Mayor Barthélemy Diaz beyond the 48 hours limit.Mayor Diaz is accused of allegedly ordering the killing of one Ndiaga Diouf. The deceased Ndiaga Diouf is alleged to have joined a group of thugs who were paid 15.000 CFA francs by senior officials of the ruling party to carry out attack on the mayor’s office in Dakar. Mayors Diaz detention has been widely condemned by opposition and civil society groups who blame Senegalese authorities of failing to protect her citizens. Serigne Mbacke Ndiaye, Presidential Spokesman says his government will not protect any of its member involve in the attack on the mayor’s office. ''You have to know it is out of question for the president to try to protect that whosoever is found guilty of such a heinous crime Mr. Ndiaye stressed. He added that ''We want to say, clearly that this matter is now in the hands of the police and it is their responsibility to investigate independently,’ he said. Mr. Ndiaye further condemned the violent attack on opposition groups and other opposing the ruling party. Mayor is expected to face the Senegalese state prosecutors for a pre-trial investigation to confirm whether he should be formally charge or not.

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